Mexican cuisine incorporates many different flavours: from aromatic and mild to smoky, spicy, tangy and hot. Famous for its different chilies, it is a cuisine for anyone who loves a little adventure.

Mexican dishes, such as enchiladas with green salsa or barbacoa stew, are so incredibly tasty because of a wide range of seasoning. These can take the form of tangy tomatillos or a large variety of chillies, such as jalapeño, chipotle, guajilo, and pasilla. Dishes are often accompanied by creamy guacamole, grilled sweet corn and many different salsas.

Our Mexican product range

Fairtrade Original brings traditional Mexican cuisine to your home in a range of six spice pastes, including enchiladas with red or green salsa, barbacao stew, traditional tortilla soup, spicy tacos tinga and picadillo. All of the pastes are 100% plant based and without artificial additives.

Additional information

You find our Mexican products in stores and supermarkets in the Netherlands. Do you like additional information or are you interested to stock our Mexican products? Please get in touch.