Asian cuisine is light and varied: soft, creamy flavours are combined with aromatic herbs, spicy seasoning, tangy elements and umami. What’s not to love?

Fairtrade Original Asian product range

The main ingredients of Asian cuisine are often fish and vegetables, but what really characterizes it are the typical spices and herbs, such as turmeric, cardamom, lemongrass, tamarind and of course Thai lime: djeroek poeroet.

Our Asian product range

The extensive Fairtrade Original Asian product range includes spice pastes for green, red and yellow Thai Curry as well as Indian Paniki and Korma. Our Asian spice pastes do not contain any artificial additives and are 100% plant based, and we proudly display the vegan society logo on the front of our product packaging. The finishing touch to creamy curries is added by our (organic) coconut milk from Sri Lanka. Other versatile ingredients for Asian dishes include Young Jackfruit, various types of rice and rice noodles and a variety of seasonings such as soy sauce and the very first Fairtrade sambal.

Additional information

You can find our Asian products in stores in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Austria. Would you like additional information or are you looking to stock our Asian products? Please contact us. Fairtrade Original - Recipe Thai Green curry with chicken and pak choi